A New Begining – Accounts Apprentice

It is difficult to summarise my first week at Saylavy as remembering what each day brought feels like a distant memory. It is now nearing the end of my second week and I feel I am slowly but surely entering the field of accountancy.

My first day was a nervy one. Estimating the right time to turn up, not too early, not too late. Just right. I arrived, welcomed by the most hospitable and warm receptionist. Imogen. She recognised me from my interview and knew it was my first day, I felt a margin of relief. Despite entering the ‘big world of work,’ it was different than I imagined. I was somewhat relaxed, at ease, unflustered.

Imogen lead me to Sara. Sara is not the big bad boss I first envisaged to be working for. She is approachable, friendly and outgoing. Traits that make it easier to feel comforted in a new environment. Having a female boss strikes a chord within me. A strong, independent and courageous woman to look up to. Sara’s focus and determination is clear. Intelligence and sociability combined. A great mix. A good mentor to help me succeed.

The work I completed during the first week was not as technical as I anticipated. My first week, my ‘settling in’ week. Despite having thought I would have been given various complex spreadsheets and complicated accounting formula, I was relieved at the sight of the “Bookkeeping Workbook for Dummies.” A rather satirical name but it does the job. Guiding me through the basics and introducing me to different accounting terms and giving me a thin skeleton to work with to build up a simple understanding.

Different days brought different topics. Familiarising myself with the fundamentals of Sara’s bookkeeping was a must. The various software platforms, the filing system and admin tasks which all ensure an efficient service. All of great importance to the company.

Prior to my interview, I had read most of the Saylavy blogs. Absorbing the information in preparation for any questions asked. I noticed a great focus on charity. Admirable and intriguing. Raising this in the interview was important, as I wanted to continue the charitable work I did during high school and sixth-form. Sara explained her countless charitable ventures as we chatted. I could see the gratification this work brings to her. I hoped to be part of some form of charitable event in the future. Sara mentioned her idea of knitting scarves for the homeless on my first Wednesday. This was an excellent and worthy campaign to launch. We are now in the progress of knitting, encouraging those in Derby and beyond to get involved and making a real difference.

I am keen to see what the future brings. Each task requires different capabilities, giving me opportunity to learn, develop my understanding and induce my interest. Pushing my potential.

Emily Hargreaves, Accounts Apprentice

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