Back to School Savings!

Every parent knows the struggle of being 100% prepared for their children going back to school. The budgeting can also be an issue… as it’s not just their uniform , it’s the stationery, school bags, accessories, lunch boxes, new shoes and the latest gadgets

Saylavy have heard you and we are here to help!

The trick to back-to-school savings is to be able to shop over  a period of time so you can take advantage of all the best deals. Some of my research has shown that some places will put specific offers on to draw parents in and then bump up the prices on other items to maintain profit.

From looking at a recent article, one of the best ways to save money is to shop the “door-buster” style which is when you compare all the offers on clothing and accessories and picking up the best deals from different stores.

I have used a comparison site to compare all the big named stores to find everything you need for September.

Another tip is to check out the offers when you are in the supermarket – Look out for Sainsbury’s when they have 25% dicount on the Tu section and check out Morrison’s when they have the voucher weeks, Tesco’s and Asda also have uniform and may have specific deals different weeks when you are in store.

Here are a few other websites to help you out, Ryman, Amazon and Your School Uniform.

Happy shopping & happy saving!!!