Black Friday – Bargin or Not?!

Black Friday takes place in the US a day after thanks giving, retailers cut the price of their goods in an attempt to encourage households to get back into the shops after thanksgiving and kick-start the Christmas shopping period.

Only in the last five years has it come to the UK through Amazon and Asda, and it is estimated that it will be the UK’s biggest day of shopping with £2bn predicted to be spent within the 24 hour period in 2015.

So what are the good things about black Friday?

  • It’s an opportunity to purchase Christmas gifts cheaper with thousands of products reduced in all departments at major high street retailers
  • The sales are available both in store and online
  • Shopping always give you a satisfactory feel, especially if you’ve got a bargain!
  • Small independent retailers are also getting involved

There are some downsides to black Friday however:

  • The sales are limited in quantity and often time.
  • Often the drop down prices being advertised are not a one off, many shops have had the same item reduced at different points throughout the year
  • If you are shopping in stores then be prepared for long queues and very busy shops, filled with lots of savvy shoppers
  • Sometimes it might not be quite the bargin you think… so you need to check competitors and prices of the items historically