BNI Parkside – fancy that!

BNI Parkside had a very successful meeting on Friday 19th November 2010, raising £250 for Children in Need! Well done Team Parkside!!!

Members of the Parkside Chapter and visitors came in fancy dress and had a vibrant business meeting but still following the structured agenda of BNI which is proven to maximise business referrals. The meeting included 60 second presentations from a burglar, Dorothy and Toto, Spiderman, Batman, Wally, a (male?) cancan dancer, a knight, Sherlock Holmes, pirates, Snow White, a storm trooper and many more fantastic characters! The meeting wouldn’t have been complete without an out of this world presentation from the Parkside tax-buster, or should I say ghostbuster, Paul Gayton of wren accountancy. All of whom were photographed by the newest member Martin Brown of Infiniti photography who was welcomed into the chapter at this meeting in fancy dress!

The meeting was chaired by myself (Sara from Saylavy) as Geri Halliwell and it was certainly spiced up!

Covered by the Derby Telegraph  Parkside had a great meeting and hope to encourage other local business owners to visit this meeting and to find out how they could benefit from ‘word of mouth referrals’ and the support of this great BNI group.

If you are a business owner or decision maker then contact  myself the Parkside Chapter Director, to arrange a visit to Parkside, we meet every Friday over lunch from 12:15 – 1:45pm at the Risley Park pub.