Bookkeeping software

Where do you start? You have set up your business and you need to start recording your business transactions on some kind of software… most people will either do their own research, which can be a mine field, or they will seek advise from an accountant or bookkeeper.

At Saylavy we use a wide range of software and are always learning about new software as it is introduced to the market. There is not one pice of software that suits all businesses though. Every business is different and has different needs, even similar businesses in the same industry will have different requirements when it comes to bookkeeping software.

A great piece of software I have recently helped one business get set up on is ‘free agent central‘. This software is cloud based so can be accessed anywhere, anytime which is great. This software allows you to upload your company logo easily and produces professional, personalised sales invoices that can be emailed straight to your clients from the system. It is extremely easy to upload your existing contacts from outlook or Gmail, and equally as easy to upload your bank statements from your online banking. Visually it has a great ‘overview screen’ clearly showing what money is due in from your clients and when, what bills you owe and if any are overdue, current bank balances, current tax owed and when. The system is easy to set up and easy to load your invoices, pay your bills and send your invoices. Overall this is a great piece of software for small businesses and can help you keep on top of your business and cash flow. Starting at only £15 per month and offering a free 30 day trial, this has to be one of the pieces of software considered when making that very important decision.

There are many other software packages to consider, watch this space for more reviews from Saylavy!

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