Client case study – Monetise Media ltd

Established in Jan 2012 as a company in its own right, the affiliate network now called monetise media ltd, was actually set up in 2006.

So what does Monetise do…

Monetise is an affiliate marketing network… this basically means Monetise work on behalf of advertisers such as Paddy Power or Love Film. The advertisers want to get the general public to either sign up to their services or increase their exposure. The advertisers then pay Monetise for ‘clicks’ or ‘sign ups’ for the various different campaigns. Monetise then provide the offers to their ‘affiliates’ to market. The affiliates use various methods of digital media to promote the offers and in turn get paid by Monetise for the ‘clicks’ or ‘sign ups’. Here endeth the lesson!

Simples! Well that’s debatable… Monetise works like a well-oiled machine; everyone in the office has designated roles and are all highly trained in the affiliate marketing world. Monetise work with over 150 advertisers and have over 2000 affiliates! Over the last 12 months as the network has grown so has the office and the processes have been developed to maximise efficiency and profitability.

Monetise have taken serious measures to ensure that fraudulent traffic is not passed onto the advertisers and affiliates are removed from the network if they are found to be producing bad traffic. Monetise pay affiliates on a net 15 basis (much better than most UK networks!) and also have a bonus scheme in place for affiliates who produce a good level of traffic.

The staff at Monetise are always happy and are always going the extra mile for colleagues, advertisers and affiliates… You would not be wrong to say “monetise is one big happy family”!

What do I do at Monetise?

I am the ‘Finance Manager’ at Monetise and I deal with the day to day financials.

I work at the Monetise office 3 days per week (usually a Monday Wednesday & Friday) and also reply to emails pretty much 24/7 – due to having some advertisers and affiliates overseas it is important to reply to emails to maintain a good communication level.

I ensure that every transaction is processed on the accounts system we use, I reconcile the bank and Paypal account, I communicate with suppliers ensuring that I have all the purchase invoices and that they get paid, I send out all the sales invoices and chase the advertisers for payment when necessary, I carry out the weekly and monthly affiliate payments – paying affiliates by BACS PayPal or Wire, I process the VAT returns and occasionally I make a coffee (very occasionally – I usually get Ricky or Katie to do this!). So I guess you could say I am kept pretty busy but it is a varied and interesting role. The icing on the cake has to be the fantastic team I am surrounded by! Check out the monetise harlem shake.

Meet the Monetise team:

james anderson  –  Network Manager (AKA Chief)
ricky may   –  Senior Affiliate Manager (AKA Handy Man)
sara gration  –  Finance Manager (AKA Princess)
clive smith   –  Compliance Manager (AKA Chatty MAN)
katie brozst  –  Affiliate Manager (AKA Clever Cat)