My first day as an Accounts Apprentice

Everyone’s first day at a new job brings its challenges and opportunities to learn. Having just started a Saylavy yesterday it was so easy to get excited about new people, a new environment and of course, new stationary! (It’s a girl thing…)

Obviously everyone’s anxious as they walk through the double doors of reception waiting to be told where your new desk is and who you new team will be, but surprisingly I ended up meeting my boss in reception then having a chat and a coffee in Bean Caffe; one of the most welcoming inductions I’ve ever had, I must say!

I quickly got introduced to the family sized team that are going to be with me for the rest of the year and they were so lovely, although I was still secretly panicking about the tasks I’d be set, would I have to jump straight in at the deep end? Or would it be the right job for me? After all I have to do this for the rest of my life!

Luckily Sara had been in the same situation as me, she had to learn from the basics, it made it that much easier to talk to her about everything and I enjoyed every part of my first day, all the mixed emotions were worth it and I definitely know it’s the right career and company for me.

By Amy Notley