It’s been too long!

After being a regular blogger for sometime I have neglected this for almost a year #musttryharder!

So, I hear you ask “what on earth has been happening over the last 12 months to keep me so busy?”. Where do I start…

Saylavy, as a company has grown from strength to strength, having developed new management reports with fab colourful graphs and pie charts and only the important numbers on! We have been working with great clients who have been growing in size and profitability meaning more work for us! We have been helping people move onto cloud based software and providing great advise to lots of local businesses! We have taken on new exciting clients who are all keeping us happily busy!

Personally, I have been busy too; having travelled to Amsterdam, Spain, Eastbourne and several trips to London. I have also being pursuing my love of the theatre both on and off stage… Probably the highlights being an amazing trip to London to see Les Miserablés on stage and playing the part of Nancy in the show Oliver at Derby Theatre with the Good Companions in October 2012.

So having excused myself for my lack of blogging I promise sincerely it won’t happen again! Hopefully I will experience as much and more over the next 12 months but I will still find time to blog

Now…. To start my next blog