Nasty Brits

Are the people of Britain becoming nasty?

The British have been traditionally known as being reserved, restrained and polite… What has happened?

Following the popular TV reality shows it appears that the British public are following in the footsteps of their television idols and are no longer holding back - no matter who or how we offend. Judges on popular television programmes are quick to ridicule and make fun of people in front of both a live audience and the masses watching from the comfort of their home, without giving much thought to the effect this has on the public who are quick to imitate their idols.

Comedians now seem to spend more time picking out specific celebrities and mocking them or simply ripping apart certain stereotypes in society with little thought to how they are quite often leaving a bitter taste in people’s mouths.

What we, the public, often fail to realise is that the people we see on stage and on television are doing a job, often they are over exaggerating or making comments to create a reaction from the audience or to increase their own publicity. It is highly unlikely that these people treat their family, friends and neighbours with the same lack of respect and compassion.

As well as the encouragement we obtain from these sorts of programmes we now have an explosion of social media forums and websites where we can air our opinions without face to face confrontation. We are able to vent anger, whinge, moan and make derogatory comments with little thought to how others may feel when reading such comments.

I don’t profess to be happy and kind ALL the time, but there are certainly times when I think it is better to bite your tongue and put a smile on your face. I was always told ‘If you can’t say anything at nice then don’t say anything at all’ a saying I am sure most people of my age range and older have heard, another particular saying my grandfather would always say at the dinner table was ‘children are to be seen and not heard’ teaching us respect for our elders and good manners at meal times.

Maybe people think it is unfashionable to be kind and that being nasty and offensive is ‘cool’, that manners are ‘so last season’! But personally if a man holds a door for me or pulls out a chair it is something that has an impact on me because it doesn’t happen often enough.

My children are constantly reminded that ‘Sharing is Caring’ and that nice things for each other because being nice will make other people feel good which in turn makes us feel good too. I try to encourage the traditional beliefs and morals that will help my children to lead good Christian lives and take my children to my village Church on a regular basis because I think the simple basic beliefs and morals at Church create a strong foundation for them to grow on.

But am I fighting a lost battle? Will us Brit’s be able to turn the corner and maybe learn from our children and start to play nicely again? Is it time to reflect and look back at what was good in our own childhood and maybe get back to basics and start being nice? I think we’d all be a lot happier if we did.