Saylavy’s first vlog!

I spent part of this bank holiday weekend with Sarah Cogdon who is a corporate film maker. I have known Sarah for 6 months now and I really like her work (check out her showreel), so when the opportunity arose for me to work with Sarah I jumped at the chance!

Sarah produces films for companies to use as part of their advertising and marketing campaigns as well as filming documentaries and event, she asked me to help her with a video presentation about advertising and to also at the same time produce a ‘vlog’ for Saylavy!

Vlog’s (video blogs) enable you to give a personal touch to the audience and also makes it easier to get your message across as people can sit back and watch a short video without having to concentrate too much reading lots of text!

I am really pleased with the finished article and will be thinking of other vlog’s to put up here as I think it is a fantastic way of getting your message across. I was pretty nervous to start with and will hopefully improve my camera performance in the future!!! I hope you enjoy watching my first ever vlog, and if you do please share it, like it and rate it! I would welcome your comments on YouTube to help me improve future vlogs!