Serial killer accountant

American horror writer Steven King’s latest novel ‘Full Dark, No Stars’ contains a collection of short stories, one story ‘A Good Marriage’ is all about a dark and sinister accountant, Bob Anderson.

Bob has all the characteristics you expect a Chartered Accountant to have… Meticulous record keeper, an eye for detail, forward thinking… But Bob is also a merciless serial killer!

The story is told through the eyes of Bob’s wife of 20 years, who thought she knew her husband, that is until she stumbles upon something she was never meant to see!

King manages to throw in all the stereotypical traits of an accountant along side those of a serial killer making this a story you will become quickly absorbed in and unable to put down!

How well do you know your accountant?! This may well make you look at your accountant in a different light as you start to analyse his strange and very methodical behaviour!

‘Full Dark, No Stars’ has some great stories in and well worth a read.