Summer Holidays! By Amy

Whether you are a working parent, stay at home mum or you work part time, it can sometimes be difficult finding enough activities to entertain your children during the summer. Although it’s been a while I still remember the excitement I felt waiting for the 6 weeks holidays to arrive So I have been doing some research into both days out and activities to do at home… here are a few fun and cheap ways to make both yours and your children’s holidays a summer to remember!

I know when I was growing up I adored art and crafts! One thing everyone enjoyed was making friendship bracelets, and what better way to make them than with pasta! You can create cool and funky patterns with various pasta shapes and all you need is paint, string and whatever pasta is in your house at the time, not expensive at all! And when they are finished making them they have some exciting new jewellery to either share or show off to their mates when they return to school.

For more craft ideas why not visit Kiwi Crate, my personal favourite has to be the “cardboard tube owls” everything is cheap and easy to make and all from household items.

Although art and craft is a great way to keep your children cheerful why not benefit from the summer weather at a brilliant price? If you haven’t heard of “Groupon” or “Wowcher” you could be missing out! I have been using Groupon for over a year now and I have taken full advantage of various offers and thoroughly enjoyed them. There are activities such as; trips to the zoo, sports activities, theme parks, weekends away & family meal offers

If maybe you’re thinking of a holiday side of things or if you maybe wanted a couple of days to relax why not book a PGL experience? Children from all over the country can either camp or stay in a small children’s holiday resort with stacks of activities to enjoy and make new friends, or why not for the older kids book them on “NCS” it is a month trip which both myself and my brother have experienced and absolutely loved! You get work experience, camp survival skills and get a half board camping experience which you they will never forget!

From me and Saylavy we hope you have an amazing holiday!